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Positive Change Institute

Positive Change Institute (PCI) is rooted in supporting school districts to improve their capacity which results in introspection and improved student outcomes. PCI employed a scientific approach to the study of education, with the aim of combining qualitative and quantitative research methods. This includes observation of practice for the betterment of children, teachers, and our larger democratic society.  We are highly experienced to prepare teachers in delivering high quality instruction to students. We will translate this deep knowledge and experience into professional development and strategic supports that positively impact learning outcomes. 


Realigning Fractured Systems for Better Schools

As we have seen, the COVID-19 pandemic has starkly revealed disparities in educational opportunities and how these disparities are part of broader economic issues. If it is true that schools reflect and reproduce society’s social and economic order, then it is also true that schools cannot reverse that order on their own. Changing the social order is fundamental to eradicating education disparities. A commitment to achieving education and social equity is needed. Such a commitment will involve striving toward the nation’s highest ideals and growing systems that can enable change.

Needs Assessment, Analysis, and Action Planning

PCI will use the Quality Review Rubric to assess instructional core and teacher support. This process will involve an interview with the school leader (s), instructional team, social-emotional team, student groups, class visits, and viewing evidentiary artifacts which will be completed in approximately four hours. The interviewer will then rate the school’s efficacy to determine their level of impact based on various components. Following the interview, PCI staff will meet with the team, discuss their results, and determine priorities. This assessment and discussion will take approximately three hours per school and be guided by PCI through any industry standard virtual platform (Skype, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting,, or ZOOM). The results will allow school staff to determine strengths and weaknesses, identify implications for instruction and intervention, and establish a clear series of next steps. 


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