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Positive Change Institute (PCI) has made a commitment to educational equity and improving outcomes for historically underserved students. Researchers recommend the implementation of ALC to address issues of disproportionate and inequitable outcomes among students. The core tenets of ALC make it a viable approach to inequitable outcomes for the following reasons:
• Culturally responsive assessments, instruction, and interventions: Research has shown that culturally responsive teaching can bridge the gap between teachers and culturally and linguistically diverse students that can play a role in learning specifically report the benefits of intense, well-developed interventions for reading gains among ELLs.
• Early Intervention: In their review of literature on ALC to address disproportionality, Cartledge and colleagues found three of the ten articles specifically note the positive impact of early intervention for African American students. Given the poor outcomes typically associated with CLD students who show risk, this is promising.
• Decisions are data-based (DBDM): ALC is driven by a collaborative data-based decision-making process and focuses on outcomes. Too often eligibility for special education and access to higher-level courses are based on subjective decisions. With a focus on data, educators can make objective instructional decisions that result in positive student outcomes.

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